Why is our in-office 3D mammography best for you?

We take great pride in providing unsurpassed expertise, compassionate medical professionals and staff, unrivaled technology, and a commitment to consistently delivering exceptional care to every patient.

Our in-office 3D Mammography suite is another step in offering our patients the most advanced healthcare available to women.

These benefits are the cornerstone of our in-office 3D mammography suite – allowing every patient the ability to have your mammogram performed at the same time and location as your annual exam or any other provider appointment.



Our in-office 3D mammography service allows you to have your annual screening mammogram as part of your annual Well Woman exam or at any other appointment. This allows the convenience of one location, with results that go directly to your provider.

Privacy & Comfort

Our mammography suite offers comfort, discretion, and modesty. We work with one patient at a time – offering a private experience catered to your needs.

Continuity of Care

Your provider is involved in your entire breast health journey – with your exam being provided in the same location that your medical records, reports, and images are maintained and managed. If any follow-up is required from a screening mammogram, your provider is informed and will monitor your progress through any additional steps that are required.

Board-Certified Radiologists

We work with credentialed breast care specialists who interpret all of the mammograms performed in our suite. They meet our high standards in terms of education and experience in breast health imaging and interpretation. As long as your prior exam results are available, your new exam results are most often available to you and your provider within 48 hours.

Caring Technologists

We employ only the most experienced breast imaging technologists who are registered, certified, and continually advance their medical education. They are knowledgeable, gentle and guide every patient through the entire exam.


Our mammography suite offers the most innovative 3D mammography equipment and peripherals available in the market today, manufactured by global leaders in women’s health technology.

Insurance Coverage

Almost all insurance plans cover 3D mammograms as part of your annual preventative healthcare benefits. However, insurance plans vary, and we recommend patients verify their specific insurance plan for benefits, eligibility, and coverage.

Did you know?

Major healthcare organizations like the American College of Radiology, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Susan G. Komen for the Cure advise that every woman over age 40 have an annual screening mammogram*.

*Screening may start earlier for high risk patients.