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Alexandria Womens Center

Alexandria Women’s Center, passionate people giving compassionate care, dedicated to being what our patients have made us and expect of us – THE CLINIC OF CHOICE – of families in Central Louisiana for women’s healthcare needs.

Alexandria Womens Center in CHRISTUS St. Francis Cabrini Hospital

Our Physicians


Lisa, RDMS, ARRT (R)(M)
Karen, RDMS, ARRT (R)(M)
Monica, ARRT (R)
Alexandria Women's Center


Nurse of Dr. Aucoin
Alisa, RMA

Nurse of Dr. Aucoin

Christy - Nurse of Dr. Moran
Christy, RMA

Nurse of Dr. Moran

Alexandria Women's Center
Maybeth, LPN

Nurse of Dr. Babin

Hanna - Nurse of Dr. LaFleur
Hanna, LPN

Nurse of Dr. LaFleur

Alexandria Women's Center
Holly, CMA

Nurse of Dr. Tassin

Our History

January 1, 2003
Alexandria Women's Center Opens

After 18 years of combined private practice in Alexandria, Drs. Glenn Aucoin and Edan Moran particpate in the creation and opening of Alexandria Women's Center in the Doctors Building of Cabrini Hospital.  24 hours later, Dr. Moran's second daughter, Lacey Claire, was the first baby born to the clinic!!!

May 14, 2003
AWC Brings Lab And Bone Density
AWC Brings Lab And Bone Density

Shortly after opening its doors, AWC not only added its own full service Laboratory but became the first - and to date the only -  private OBGYN clinic at Cabrini Hospital to offer their patients in office bone densitometry for diagnosis and management of bone loss.

February 1, 2004
Dr. Amy David Babin Joins AWC
Dr. Amy David Babin Joins AWC

Both AWC and Central Louisiana were eager to welcome Dr. Amy David Babin, a native and lifelong resident of Alexandria, back to her home town to start her private practice. 

September 10, 2009
AWC Brings First 4D Ultrasound
AWC Brings First 4D Ultrasound

Alexandria Womens Center was proud to advance sevices to our community by being the first private OBGYN clinic to offer their patients in office 4D ultrasonography at Cabrini Hospital.  That commitment continues today with utilization of 2 state of the art 4D units 5 days a week for both Obstetric and Gynecologic services.

January 1, 2010
AWC Occupies New Women's Tower
AWC Occupies New Womens Tower
August 3, 2010
AWC Welcomes Dr. Karie Lafleur
AWC Welcomes Dr. Karie Lafleur

With its new clinic construction completed and open, AWC was very excited and blessed to have Dr. Karie Lafleur join our private practice.

September 1, 2010
AWC Expands Lab
AWC Expands Lab

In an effort to broaden the available OBGYN services to our patients, AWC expands its laboratory menu through acquisition of advanced instrumentation and renewed alliances.

September 14, 2014
Dr. Elizabeth Q. McLemore Joins AWC
Dr. Elizabeth Q. McLemore Joins AWC

Alexandria Women's Center continues its growth as lifelong native and resident Dr. Elizabeth Q. McLemore moves her established private practice to join AWC exclusively at Cabrini Hospital. 

The Wellness Center at AWC Created
Alexandria Women's Center

The new Wellness Center at Alexandria Women’s Center serves men and women facing issues such as hormone imbalances, bladder and bowel issues, pelvic pain and general musculoskeletal impairments. 

AWC Partners with Reform Physical Therapy
ReForm Physical Therapy

Alexandria Women's Center is proud to partner with Amanda Biehl, DPT, CLT, Physical Therapist and Owner of ReForm Physical Therapy, LLC. ReForm Physical Therapy, LLC provides highly specialized physical therapy for pelvic floor rehabilitation, abdominal conditions, chronic pain, and neural pain. For more information on each condition below, visit Reform Physical Therapy's website at www.reformptla.com.

Biote® Hormone Replacement Therapy Services Offered at The Wellness Center at AWC
Biote Hormone Pellet Therapy at Alexandria Women's Center
We are a certified BioTE® practitioner offering hormone pellet therapy to help men and women in Alexandria balance their hormones naturally. The BioTE® method can help regulate many of the body’s key functions and provide numerous benefits to our Central Louisiana patients.

Learn More About Biote® Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. Patrick Tassin Joins AWC
Dr. Patrick Tassin Joins AWC

Continuing to grow and better serve the Central Louisiana area, Alexandria Women's Center brings on Alexandria native and Holy Savior Menard graduate, Patrick L. Tassin, M.D.

Epionce Products now available at The Wellness Center at AWC
Epionce products available at Alexandria Women's Center

Rooted in science and over 20 years of research, Epionce is a clinical-grade skincare line available for purchase at Alexandria Women’s Center to rejuvenate and revitalize all skin types.

Secret RF introduced at The Wellness Center at AWC
Secret RF available at Alexandria Womens Center

Secret RF is an innovative fractional radio frequency (RF) microneedling system for tissue coagulation and hemostasis designed to stimulate and remodel collagen from the inside out. 

Learn More about Secret RF