New Secret RF Program

New Secret RF Program

[Karie H. LaFleur, MD]
We discussed the fact that we wanted to bring the Secret RF system here to our office, and allow us to provide our patients the opportunity to pinpoint areas that they may want to improve overall appearance of.

[Patrick L. Tassin, MD]
I think it’s really helped us realize that we need to take care of the entire patient. From the way they look, the way they feel, and medical conditions that they also have.

We felt like this was a very well-designed system that allows us to completely customize exactly what a patient needs— whether your concerns are your face, maybe you have fine lines or wrinkles, maybe you have acne scars; whether your concerns are a surgical scar, like a C-section scar; maybe as you’ve aged you’ve noticed some saggy skin around your knees or your elbows, even— you would like an opportunity to improve those areas and thus feel better about yourself every day. And that is specifically why we’ve chosen this system of micro needling, which combines traditional micro needling with the newest technology of radio frequency, and also allows us to make this a completely customizable experience for our patients. We can select a variety of needles; we can control the depth and treatment intensity in any specific area. We can even adjust, if there’s something that, for instance, makes someone uncomfortable in the middle of a treatment, we can make an immediate adjustment to make sure that they’re as comfortable as possible.

One thing we’re super excited about is taking care of our women like we always do, but also adding men to the mix. And so, we’ve taken care of a few guys at this point— hopefully I’ll be next, I need to schedule that. But overall, we’re just really looking forward to something new and exciting for our patients.

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