Osteoporosis Screening and Treatment

Osteoporosis Screening And Treatment alexandria la

Alexandria Women's Center offers screening using Bone densitometry technology, a very simple and painless method of measuring bone mass by use of X-ray technology. A bone density test will help your doctor determine if you have osteoporosis by using X-rays to measure the amount of calcium and minerals in a segment of bone. It is important to be screened so that decreases in bone density can be identified before a bone is broken, and treatments can be started to reduce the risk of a bone being broken in the future. Your doctor may recommend a bone density test if he suspects a patient has developed osteoporosis.

A patient may be recommended to be screened for the following risk factors:

  • Loss of height - A loss of several inches in height may indicate compression fractures in the spine
  • Fractured Bone - osteoporosis causes very fragile bones that are easily broken
  • Drop in hormone levels - Lowered hormone levels can weaken bones and contribute to osteoporosis
  • Taken certain drugs - Some medications such as steroids can lead to osteoporosis

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