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In an effort to continue to bring new and convenient services to our patients, Alexandria Women's Center is pleased to be the only OB/GYN clinic in Central Louisiana to offer in house cosmetic surgery consultations and surgical follow-ups by a Board-Certified plastic surgeon.  These services are offered to "Restore your Body Image", "Rejuvenate with the Newest Procedures" and "Increase your Self-Confidence".

Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge

We are excited to have the addition of Dr. John V Williams of Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge to our office every other Monday.  Dr. John V Williams and Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge works closely with their patients to ensure they get the look they have always wanted.  Dr. Williams understand that the decision to have plastic surgery is personal and strives for a clear and honest discussion during plastic surgery consultation so that no patient leaves the office with an unrealistic vision for change.  Patients can schedule appointments by contacting us using the information found at or calling to 1 (225) 766-1899

For more information about Dr. John V Williams of Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge and the services they offer visit


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