Patient Preparation for Bone Densitometry

PATIENT PREPARATION FOR BONE DENSITOMETRY Bone densitometry is a very simple and painless procedure; it doesn't take very long. It is a method of measuring bone mass by use of X-ray technology.

How it works

You will simply lie on an X-ray table and let the machine do all the work. During your exam, we will be scanning your lower back and hip area. If possible, wear clothing that does not contain zippers, metal buttons, or plastic buttons. If your clothes do have some of these items, we will just have to move them out of the way or, possibly, put on a gown.

When to Schedule

Schedule your BMD within the first ten days of your last menstrual period.  Count the ten days starting from the first day of your last menstrual period.  If it has been more than ten days since your last menstrual period (for ladies who have not yet gone through menopause), please let your physician know.  If you have had any form of contrast studies (barium enema, Upper GI, CAT scan or MRI with contrast, Nuclear Medicine Scan, angiograms, or heart studies), schedule your BMD at least five days after those studies.

Before the Procedure

Do not take any vitamins or calcium supplements the day of your BMD.  If you wish, you may take them after your exam.  You may take your regular medications.  You may eat before the exam.  Please complete the questionnaire given to you as accurately as you can.  If you have any questions, wait and talk with the technologist before performing your exam.

Please bring the questionnaire with you and give it to the ladies at the front desk when you check in for your appointment.