Medication during Pregnancy

MEDICATION DURING PREGNANCY As a general statement it is important to avoid any medication during pregnancy not absolutely essential. This is especially important during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. The following are some general guidelines that may be followed during pregnancy. When in doubt, please call us at (318) 443-7222


Quick Reference Guide


Tylenol plain, 2 tablets every 2-4 hours as needed.  Tylenol Extra Strength, 2 tablets every 4 hours.  No more than 8 tablets per day.  Do not use Aspirin or Ibuprofen products!


Sudafed, Actifed, or Benadryl, 1 tablet, 2-3 times daily as needed for congestion.  Or, Claritin 10mg daily.


Robitussin DM, 1-2 teaspoons every 3-4 hours prn cough.


Any antacid, except Alka Seltzer, every 3-4 hours as needed.


FiberCon, 2 tablets, as directed on label. Metamucil, Doxidan, or Milk-of-Magnesia (60cc - 2 ounces - at bedtime as needed). Surfak 1-2 tablets by mouth daily.


Clear liquid diet for 24 hours.  Clear liquids include: broth, tea, jello, and bouillon. You may take Pepto Bismol, Kaopectate or Imodium AD - follow directions on the bottle.

Nausea & Vomiting

Dramamine is acceptable.  If severe, notify your doctor.

Remember - please call the office at (318) 443-7222 when in doubt! In an emergency, always dial 911!